Nucleos Awarded Competitive Phase 1 SBIR

Nucleos Awarded Competitive Phase I SBIR Grant from the National Science Foundation


The National Science Foundation has recently awarded Nucleos a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to support the development of e-learning solutions for the U.S. corrections industry. This SBIR Phase I project addresses the pressing need for providing incarcerated youth and adults with continual systematic and secure personal education and training opportunities, giving inmates the skills they need to productively re-enter society. It will also reduce recidivism rates, and increase their confidence and the potential for contributing to local communities.

With a large increase in the population of incarcerated individuals in the U.S. over the past 30 years, it is important to provide systematic and secure education and workforce training opportunities to help increase their potential for job placement post-release. At least 95% of the 2.2 million currently incarcerated individuals will be released one day. Providing education opportunities to inmates greatly reduces rates of recidivism, resulting in large cost-savings of up to $4 to $5 for every $1 spent on corrections education program1.

“We are grateful and excited for the opportunity to expand our offerings to address the educational needs of the U.S. inmate population,” said Noah Freedman, Co-Founder and CEO of Nucleos. “This SBIR grant will help us expand our mission, which is to ensure that learners everywhere can access the best education opportunities.” Through the course of this grant, Nucleos will develop and test a prototype of a secure, easy-to-administer, and flexible platform to deliver multiple high-quality instructional programs.

Nucleos was founded in 2017, to address the inequities around access to educational opportunities around the world. It transforms delivery of digital resources to enable students anywhere to realize the full potential of digital learning, regardless of their location. Nucleos also works in Zimbabwe and India, helping rural schools gain affordable access to digital resources.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

1: RAND Corporation, 2013. “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education: A Meta-Analysis of Programs That Provide Education to Incarcerated Adults”. Davis, L et. al.


Nucleos Announces Collaboration with Pearl Dream to Deliver Offline Access of Educational App

Delivering culturally relevant digital stories from around the world

CALIFORNIA & NEW YORK, Feb 9, 2018- Nucleos Inc. is proud to announce a new collaboration with Pearl Dream Inc. to enable offline access to DreamAfrica educational digital stories and multimedia apps. Nucleos will add DreamAfrica to the PortableCloud App Store to provide full functionality to users with limited or no Internet connectivity. Nucleos has a growing collection of digital resources (OER and fee-based) available on PortableCloud to provide additional learning opportunities for disconnected students around the globe.

The collaboration addresses gaps in access to digital educational tools in regions of Africa with bandwidth and connectivity constraints. DreamAfrica combines traditional African storytelling and digital materials to supplement students’ learning experience. Nucleos will deliver DreamAfrica App through PortableCloud App Store so students anywhere can access engaging and educational multimedia stories in a safe and secure local learning environment. DreamAfrica has published hundreds of digital stories from partners like the African Animation Network, East African Education Publishers, Bino & Fino, Wikitongues and even children.

“Nucleos helps us meet our customer needs of real offline access in schools and institutions like public schools and libraries that was echoed to us at teacher trainings and elearning Africa consultations. Even with limited to no internet connection, DreamAfrica will deliver the same unique and dynamic content offering for every child with the parent or teacher support.” Says Brenda Lare, Community Manager, DreamAfrica in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nucleos will work with local partners alongside the Pearl Dream to determine the effectiveness of delivering digital content to disconnected classrooms. Schools will be able to easily integrate DreamAfrica by installing the app from PortableCloud within a local network. Students can connect to a local server or computer through WiFi, regardless of Internet connectivity and start reading. “We’re excited to work with DreamAfrica to provide stories to schools across Africa regardless of infrastructure constraints. Their innovative approach to source great content across Africa is a great solution for students,” explains Noah Freedman, CEO of Nucleos.

Here are some examples of what will be offered through DreamAfrica:

DreamGalaxy Titles Middle Ground - Future of the African Diaspora and world we want.

Three Trembling Cities - Present theme on need for cross cultural collaboration #threetrblingcities

Queen of Sheeba - Past of Africa including a rich and powerful pee colonial history of royalty and divinity.

About Pearl Dream Inc DreamAfrica Digital Ltd is a subsidiary of Pearl Dream, a platform for creativity that empowers people by fairly rewarding their ideas and self expression. Our core services are DreamAfrica Platform, DreamGalaxy Network and DreamFund. DreamAfrica is a global subscription and revenue share based streaming platform for multicultural content backed by DreamGalaxy, a network of cross-cultural storytellers from around the world. Follow us on Instagram: @wedreamafrica

DreamAfrica as seen at Harvard, TED, Discop Johannesburg, Paris American Creative Lab: Torin Perez: Folk tales come in all colors

Stories in audio, animations and films can be submitted via website, festivals or email to

About Nucleos Inc. Nucleos is a social impact company with a mission to improve the quality of education for disconnected learners, by accelerating access to digital tools. Nucleos provides access to digital learning opportunities to people that are not connected to the Internet. Our PortableCloud Platform democratizes access to leading educational digital content, by delivering leading educational apps from our PortableCloud App Store. Learn more at:, Tweet at us @NucleosInc


Pearl Dream Inc

Brian Asingia | Chief Content Officer and Cofounder | +1 (347) 480-9490 |

Brenda Lare, Community Manager, DreamAfrica Digital Ltd +254 704 978561

Nucleos Incorporated

Camila Vega | Chief Operating Officer | +1(650)270-5926 |


Pratham and Nucleos Announce Collaboration for Off-line Access

Santa Cruz, California and Mumbai, India – January 24, 2018- Nucleos Incorporated announces a collaboration with Pratham to enable offline access of their educational content on the PortableCloud Platform. Rural communities that have limited internet connectivity and bandwidth constraints will now be able to have off-line access to the wide variety of Pratham’s comprehensive offering of computer-based educational content and tutorials. The Pratham digital content includes student material for science, math, English and a wide variety of job and skill training subjects.

The Pratham education foundation is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in India, with an aim to deliver quality education to underprivileged children. “Our organization is focused on enabling digital learning technology, providing access to our broad selection of content for all students - whether they are children, young adults or adults looking to enhance their literacy and job skills. Making our content available on the Nucleos system will enable the creation of a 21st century learning environment for even the most remote rural regions of India, building on our existing laptop and tablet distribution model”, stated Nishant Baghel, Director of Technology Innovation at Pratham.

“We are extremely pleased to have established this collaboration with Pratham, as both of our organization’s missions are closely aligned. Access to educational material should be readily accessible for all, independent of economic status or location”, says Noah Freedman, CEO of Nucleos.

About Pratham Education Foundation

Pratham press head

Founded in 1995, Pratham Education Foundation is the largest educational non governmental organization that seeks to address the gap in the quality of education in India. An innovative learning organization, Pratham has reconfigured teaching methodologies and assessments, and created adoptable low cost demonstration models for government and community. Pratham has been able to reach 7 million students in 21 Indian states through direct and collaborative interventions. From Balwadis (which cater to small children of age group 3 to 6 years) to Early Child Education, to Read India, to Vocational Training and adult literacy, Pratham has pioneered unique community models and learning methodologies suited to each age group. Learn more at

About Nucleos Incorporated

Nucleos is a social impact enterprise with a mission to accelerate access to digital tools to improve the quality of education for disconnected learners. Nucleos breaks down the barriers that prevent everyone from accessing the world’s best learning opportunities. Our PortableCloud Platform delivers leading educational apps and content within a local network, regardless of Internet connectivity. Learn more at

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Nucleos Supports e-Learning at Hope Academy in Vizag, India

Happy New Year to you all,

We are excited to announce the recently established collaboration between Nucleos and Hope Academy India (, formalized this past October 2017. Hope Academy, based in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), was founded by Rosie and Anand Thandu in 2012, to provide transformative education for all. Nationwide in India, only 1-2% of India’s ultra-poor children complete eighth grade, so the Thandu’s decided to address this in their own special way…establishing an orphanage and creating an excellent learning environment for the over 120 students that now attend their Academy.


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PortableCloud supports e-Learning in Zimbabwe

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. And downloading that picture takes 1000KB and up to 3 seconds. By caching content locally, PortableCloud helps schools load e-Learning content faster, enabling better learning experiences all while reducing bandwidth costs.

On a recent trip to Zimbabwe, PortableCloud conducted initial performance tests of our installation at the Sandon Academy school. Over 200 students will benefit from faster access to their e-learning platform, with speed improvements of two to five times. The computer lab is supported by a Zimbabwean charitable foundation that provides computer labs to about 200 Zimbabwean primary schools. PortableCloud offers schools a way to provide faster access to e-learning content to schools like Sandon Academy, where high-speed Internet connections are simply not available.

For more information, see our Case Study

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