Robust E-Learning for Prison Education, Training, and College Programs

Learning management systems, e-learning apps, reference material, and instructional communications, securely configured for use in correctional settings

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Secure and Expandable Learning Platform

Outcomes-focused education programs work more effectively with Nucleos by supporting blended learning, connecting learners and teachers, and providing access to digital tools which complement education programs

Connect with learners inside correctional facilities for blended programs and remote instruction, and support resources to complement in-person education
  • Integrate learning applications video instruction
  • learning management systems (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard)
  • E-learning applications
  • Reference materials
  • Integrated reporting and data collection
  • Unified learning record across e-learning apps and LMSs
  • Single sign-on and course rostering
Security filtering and monitoring
  • Help correctional agencies meet security requirements to support filtered Internet for select e-learning applications
  • Managed Internet whitelisting and monitoring as a service

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Best in-class Content

In addition to being able to integrate any applications & content, we support educational tools and content to augment existing education programs

Post-secondary Courses

  • Learning management systems
  • Reference materials
  • FAFSA applications
  • Distance learning

Adult Basic Education

  • Test prep and digital testing

High School & GED

  • High school credit recovery
  • High-School equivalency test prep and testing



  • Vocational / Industry certificate programs
  • Vocational training courses
  • Occupational license exams

Language Courses

Reference Material

Social & Emotional Wellness

  • Cognitive behavioral wellness
  • Social skills / soft skills


  • Life skills
  • Using technology basics
  • Reentry guides & links to support programs

Chromebooks for Corrections

Secure laptops for correctional education programs

CTL NL71 Correctional Education semi-rugged laptops are available via our Chromebook partner.

This Semi-Rugged NL71 Laptop for Correctional Education has been thought out and designed with safety and security in mind. From the optional exclusion of a web camera to rugged safety screws, incarcerated learners are able to access only the educational programs made available.