The Nucleos Learning Platform

The most advanced learning & training platform for corrections

Expand access to correctional education programs

Best-in-class digital education and training programs empower educational staff at correctional facilities and re-entry to reach more people, more effectively.

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Nucleos Network Security

Enable greater access without compromising on security.

Managed Network security for correctional education networks. Ensure the integrity, security, and visibibility into networks for correctional education.

We can provide both powerful tools to manage secure filtered Internet to selective and restricted versions of leading apps and services, as well as managing Internet filtering as a service.

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Chromebooks for Corrections

Secure laptops for correctional education programs

CTL NL71 Correctional Education semi-rugged laptops are available via our Chromebook partner.

This Semi-Rugged NL71 Laptop for Correctional Education has been thought out and designed with safety and security in mind. From the optional exclusion of a web camera to rugged safety screws, incarcerated learners are able to access only the educational programs made available.