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A New Look at the Global Digital Divide

According to Internet Live Stats, the number of Internet users in the world has risen dramatically in recent years.  While in 1995, only 1% of the world’s population had access to the Internet, in 2016, this rises to an estimated 46.1% of the population.  Indeed, for the past decade, this number has increased by roughly 3% per year.  This dynamics we are discussing are illustrated in the following chart:


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The Startup Bringing Internet to the World: An Interview with Noah Freedman

This article was originally published by Francisco Javier Hernandez Jr. at ST FRANCIS X.

PortableCloud is a startup founded by Noah Freedman dedicated to global equality in education. A local cloud solution, it acts like a portal bringing the internet down to earth in places that have little to no bandwidth access.

Only 42% of the world has access to the Internet. For the other 58%, poor-quality connectivity limits many of the benefits of ‘the cloud’ that better-networked regions take for granted. A local cloud solution is the best, newest, most innovative way to bring the full potential of the Information Age to those who need it most.


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The Homework Gap: The “Cruelest Part of the Digital Divide”

In the recent release of the Consortium of School Networking’s 2016 Annual Infrastructure Survey, it is clear that US schools are increasingly connected to the Internet at broadband speeds.  A whopping 68% of US school districts have reached the targets set out in the Obama administration’s ConnectEd initiative, as compared to the meager 19% of school districts connected when the initiative was first announced in 2013.


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