Pratham and Nucleos Announce Collaboration for Off-line Access

Santa Cruz, California and Mumbai, India – January 24, 2018- Nucleos Incorporated announces a collaboration with Pratham to enable offline access of their educational content on the PortableCloud Platform. Rural communities that have limited internet connectivity and bandwidth constraints will now be able to have off-line access to the wide variety of Pratham’s comprehensive offering of computer-based educational content and tutorials. The Pratham digital content includes student material for science, math, English and a wide variety of job and skill training subjects.

The Pratham education foundation is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in India, with an aim to deliver quality education to underprivileged children. “Our organization is focused on enabling digital learning technology, providing access to our broad selection of content for all students - whether they are children, young adults or adults looking to enhance their literacy and job skills. Making our content available on the Nucleos system will enable the creation of a 21st century learning environment for even the most remote rural regions of India, building on our existing laptop and tablet distribution model”, stated Nishant Baghel, Director of Technology Innovation at Pratham.

“We are extremely pleased to have established this collaboration with Pratham, as both of our organization’s missions are closely aligned. Access to educational material should be readily accessible for all, independent of economic status or location”, says Noah Freedman, CEO of Nucleos.

About Pratham Education Foundation

Pratham press head

Founded in 1995, Pratham Education Foundation is the largest educational non governmental organization that seeks to address the gap in the quality of education in India. An innovative learning organization, Pratham has reconfigured teaching methodologies and assessments, and created adoptable low cost demonstration models for government and community. Pratham has been able to reach 7 million students in 21 Indian states through direct and collaborative interventions. From Balwadis (which cater to small children of age group 3 to 6 years) to Early Child Education, to Read India, to Vocational Training and adult literacy, Pratham has pioneered unique community models and learning methodologies suited to each age group. Learn more at

About Nucleos Incorporated

Nucleos is a social impact enterprise with a mission to accelerate access to digital tools to improve the quality of education for disconnected learners. Nucleos breaks down the barriers that prevent everyone from accessing the world’s best learning opportunities. Our PortableCloud Platform delivers leading educational apps and content within a local network, regardless of Internet connectivity. Learn more at

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