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Nucleos Supports e-Learning at Hope Academy in Vizag, India

Happy New Year to you all,

We are excited to announce the recently established collaboration between Nucleos and Hope Academy India (www.hopeacademyindia.org), formalized this past October 2017. Hope Academy, based in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), was founded by Rosie and Anand Thandu in 2012, to provide transformative education for all. Nationwide in India, only 1-2% of India’s ultra-poor children complete eighth grade, so the Thandu’s decided to address this in their own special way… establishing an orphanage and creating an excellent learning environment for the over 120 students that now attend their Academy.

I first met Rosie last year here in California (see photo-1) and immediately was overwhelmed with her passion for educating the children of India and her determination to ensure that the students would be able to continue to thrive in their academic pursuits. She realized that a key aspect to meet this challenge was to be able to offer the Hope Academy students a 21st century learning environment utilizing modern educational methods and technologies that were readily available to children in more developed regions of the world.

The Nucleos mission, “To accelerate access to digital tools, improving the quality of education for under-connected communities”, and Hope Academy’s focus on strong educational outcomes are closely matched, which resulted in the establishment of our eLearning collaboration: Nucleos will be working with Hope Academy’s educational staff to craft a comprehensive local-cloud learning system to address the needs of their primary and secondary grade level students.
The eLearning solution will encompass a Learning Management System (LMS) for the teacher’s use in selecting and deploying innovative adaptive learning apps aligned to the national curriculum requirements, along with on-going measurement and analytics to track student progress and outcomes.

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The students will have campus-wide access to the educational applications from the PortableCloud App Store, utilizing their WiFi-enabled devices. The initial roll-out is targeted for the Q1 2018 to specific grade levels and educational applications for literacy, math and science subjects, including the educational content available from Pratham (www.pratham.org). Pratham is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. The initial training session with the academic staff at Hope Academy was held in November, during my on-site visit with Rosie, Anand and the incredibly excited and enthusiastic student population.

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I will be issuing quarterly updates to our progress at Hope Academy. Looking forward to a very Hope-full 2018 😊

For more information, see https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20171017006904/en/Nucleos-Hope-Academy-Announce-eLearning-Collaboration.

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